Size 21 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41cm)

Wednesday, 16 December 2020 (reposting)

I decided that I would start writing my blog on my birthday 10 days ago and here I am. Above is my art project no.13 and its title ‘IL MAESTRO’. To capture the feeling of the piece I make, Italian language does it for me. As always I have no particular reasons or motives to create the picture. The whole image was dwelling in my head for some time and I had to dig it out to make it tangible. I don’t paint nor draw. No talent for that. I don’t design ahead either. Just start cutting origami into pieces and collate them together and get excited about how true and precise my end product could arrive where the original image was.

9 out of 10 I succeed. Not bad, huh. Well no one can judge it but me, oh well. Having said all that, I still hope this picture can make someone smile by glancing at it. I think deep down I intend IL MAESTRO to be more like a magician who can make miracle happen yet never ever claim a credit for it. Transcended from worldly affairs. Serene, angelic. When I made this picture there was no pandemic around us. But now we are facing anxiety and fear of unknown future every day and many sleepless nights. So let’s remember to breathe. We don’t always have solutions outside us. Perhaps this is the time we can explore a bit more about our own selves we think we already know.

Published by kibotoshori

I am a self-taught artist. Please read 'About Me' section in my website.

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