Size 20 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41cm)

Monday, 21 December 2020

Is today the shortest day of the year called the winter solstice or winter equinox? Google dictionary’s definition of the winter solstice says the sun reaches its minimum declination in the Northern hemisphere. Where I live in the UK, sunset was before 4pm today. With new virus strain and more restrictions imposed everywhere, we have too many reasons to get bogged down easily. However on a positive note, we are one step closer to Spring from tomorrow…

A couple of nights ago, I saw a beautiful skinny crescent moon peeking in and out of the clouds in the dark grey sky. And it reminded me of my picture above that I created in 2019 when things were still so called ‘normal’ then. I wanted to create a comical random piece like a scene from some kind of a folklore tale. But it turned out to be a heart broken mouse and his bride-to-be goes crazy over a big chunk of cheese and a flying saucer floating above them. Ha ha.

No doubt she was shouting with an excitement, ‘CHE FORMAGGIO!!’ (what a cheese!). This one seems to be my eldest son’s favourite and once we can all travel freely again, I will fly and hand carry it to him as he is the proud owner, my very first client! He had an onslaught of hardships one after another this year. I hope he will never ever stop pursuing his goals because he truly deserves to be happy whatever he decides to do in life.

Published by kibotoshori

I am a self-taught artist. Please read 'About Me' section in my website.

2 thoughts on “No.4 – CHE FORMAGGIO

  1. love your art work❤️ showed my daughter and she got inspiration like a snap ( thanks a lot now i can keep her busy lol).

    and… yes!! your sons are so lucky to have a great mom like you & i will be one of your client too !!!


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