Size 20 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41cm)

Saturday, 2 January 2021

At last! 2020 is behind us and we finally welcomed 2021 with open arms. One of my new year’s resolutions is to be more creative and not to belittle myself. My mentor in life, Sensei Daisaku Ikeda (a president of the lay Buddhist organisation called SGI – website: turned 93 years old. Sensei always inspires me to live my daily life with innermost freedom through manifesting ‘courage, wisdom and compassion’. It’s okay I am different. There is no need for me to compare to others.

When I created this picture, I just wanted it to be extremely bright and cheerful. And I never intended the background to look like Sakura (cherry blossom) by the water, but since it did, the title was inevitably named ‘LA PRIMAVERA’. I don’t usually use shades of pink much. Here’s an episode. When I was in elementary school (grade 5 or 6) one day we were doing water colour painting in the art class. I don’t remember exactly what the theme was for our task, most likely it was a ‘still life’ style art.

After school that day, my mother quite unexpectedly got a phone call from my art teacher concerning about me, if I had some type of domestic issues at home. What triggered the teacher’s worrisome was that I painted the whole picture in colours nothing but grey, black, white and brown. And my theme was bottles of bourbon whiskies and a glass on a table! It was all imaginary of course, but I don’t blame the poor teacher thinking something was seriously wrong with me!! Well, I was fine. I was a bit different.

And my mother felt so proud (bless her) and kept it along with my school transcripts into my adulthood. I am now curious how she convinced my teacher I was a normal girl. Back to my bright and cheerful picture. It was an image of a tall high school boy with very long legs standing next to a car (the Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet) I wanted to create and everything else appeared spontaneously. We must live with hope, no matter how harsh the winter we experience, spring will never fail to arrive (Nichiren).

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I am a self-taught artist. Please read 'About Me' section in my website.

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