No.22 – AIUTO!

No. 22 – AIUTO!

Size 21 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41cm)

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Who does not love movies? I love movies, especially those classic, romantic ones. My mother’s influence definitely got me into them. She would often hum the melody from her favourite movie scores and talked with dreamy eyes. ‘Gone with the wind’ (1939), ‘Casablanca’ (1942), ‘Roman holiday’ (1953) to name a few. Hard to imagine now a days, but in my early teens, kids were allowed to go to Cinema on our own (or by myself). I remember often going there alone too, and most probably instead of heading to school sometime… ha ha. What about PG 13 and all the restrictions? Non-existent in those days? Hmm. Oh they charged next to nothing to catch a great deal of ‘3 movies back to back’ special.

From the special deal, I fell in love with an Italian movie called ‘the last angels’ (1978) (or gli ultimi angeli in original title) and its background music that stuck in my head forever. A few days later, luckily I manged to find the sound track vinyl record (I must have begged my mother). In it, there is a very short monologue where Natalie Delon (a former wife of Alain Delon) answers a call to say, ‘Pronto, pronto. Pronto, Chi parla? Marco? Si, si, Marco…’. It was a call from her runaway son, Marco, who lives a tragic story ending. This encounter was destined to set off my interests in learning Italian language. How mystic! The reason for my rumbling concludes to say when other ordinary kids went to Cinema to watch live action movies including Godzilla series plus all sorts of animation movies suited for kids, I was far more interested in Hollywood movies not in a snobbish way.

Lights, Camera, Action!!’ – wait a minute. My imaginary scary monster is too frighten to stay up on a tower and screaming for ‘AIUTO’, yet no one seems to notice. Completely immersed in their own role of a take. A ha! There she is. There is only one person scrupulous enough to detect the oddness of the situation. Of course she is a woman, oops did I say that? (a huge grin) Grew up watching a few Godzilla and his arch-enemy monsters series, I just wanted to create a enormous, fierce creature at one point. This time though my attempt failed miserably! This monster didn’t live up to my expectation and so far none of my creation has an element of terror anyway. Something to work on (a huge sigh).

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