Size 21 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41 cm)

Saturday, 23 January 2021

Last year, when the live streaming of the Royal Ballet’s much awaited ‘The Nutcracker’ scheduled on Tuesday, 22 December 2020 got cancelled due to Tier 4 status in London, us fans were ineffably disappointed. The Company has not been back to perform on stage that long and took a hit again! – sadly, a stark reminder of a presence of this pandemic. Ordinarily, watching ‘The Nutcracker’ adds the traditional festive mood which was lacking in me then, so my excitement was shattered but oh well there will come another opportunity.

To rescue our lost soul, the Royal Ballet announced to stream the 2017 production of ‘The Alice’s adventure in wonderland’ instead. What a splendid idea that was! Hence I had a pleasure of watching it over and over until it expired a couple of days ago. The featured dancers were Lauren Cuthberston as Alice, James Hay as Lewis Carrol/white rabbit, and Steven McRae as The Mad Hatter. So bright and cheerful – even as an adult I got drawn right into the enchanted wonderland.

I then remembered I have created my art piece which depicts the twisted image of Alice and other characters from wonderland. One of those moments when my head demanded to produce stuff dwelling inside for some time. I have absolutely no idea why I wanted to swap the roles of characters of Alice, the Mad Hatter and white rabbit but that was how it turned out. Especially it’s bizarre my white rabbit wears ‘tutu’ without a knowledge, at the time, of any ballet production ‘Alice’s adventure in wonderland’ existed.

It’s worth mentioning here I think. It’s kind of interesting to note that a few friends (male) who saw this picture uttered the identical opinions. Rabbit’s eyes give a shivering (actually – freaky, an expression according to them) feeling off they cannot bear staring much longer. Hmm. How so? They said it reminds them of a certain character appeared in a children’s book or a cartoon which has very very frightened them during their childhood. In the case, this is ironic. I named this art, ‘SOGNO DOLCE’ (a sweet dream). However, it totally has an opposite effect to potentially evoke someone’s nightmares…

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