Morte e Vita a Venezia

Monday, 8 February 2021

‘The most beautiful boy in the world,’ a documentary of Bjorn Andresen will soon appear in the Sundance Film Festival. This headline, one morning, grabbed my undivided attention when I was still struggling to get out of my bed, but instead, my eyes kept up and down the mobile phone surfing daily monotonous media articles. Bjorn was 15 years old when he played an iconic role as ‘Tazio’ in the Visconti’s 1971 film, ‘Death in Venice’ (Morte a Venezia) which was the adaptation of Thomas Mann’s novel. For anyone who was besotted by this heavenly gorgeous blond hair boy with his name has shot to stardom after the film, this documentary is not to be missed. Sadly, the content exhibits his tragic life thereafter, not likely corresponding with the title by the look of the critics. I ought to see it somewhat as it is my responsibility.

I suddenly decided to write a bit about my experiences in Venice. Back in October 2019, I went to see the Biennale exhibition, catching the vaporetto from the Venezia train station all the way to Giardino. Despite the unwelcoming weather and the rough canal water rocking the boat, a distant view of the San Marco Square (as shown in above photo) along the way, captivated my heart and soul as usual. By the way, the sun did eventually come out, I took a photo of beautiful sunrays glowing on the serene water. That is the photo on my Blog page. One of my most memorable exhibitions, I should say, was at the pavilion the story of Canadian indigenous community ‘Inuit’ displayed on the huge TV screens. I sat and sat still and watched their fascinating stories. They taught me a lesson never to be arrogant in thinking a handful privileged, civilised citizens could dominate the entire world by exploiting our eco-system excessively and infinitely.

Rewinding to 2018, I had a pleasure staying with my Italian friend in Aviano who hosted me for a few days. Her name is Laura Trevisan (, and she is an exceptionally talented, selling Artist and a fellow Buddhist. I believe she is also a graduate of the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. I have known her since I lived there in 1993 so wow! nearly 3 decades! We spent a day together in Venice strolling the alleys and bridges, except to stop for a cup of espresso or a bite to eat. Tramezzini (Venetian sandwich) I was introduced for the first time, which was inexpensive, tasty and so filling. Refreshing to know for a person (me) who only ate overpriced dishes near the Rialto bridge and elsewhere that were not even tasty. Or I didn’t pay enough?

Things to write about Venezia never fall short as I stopped counting how many trips I made it there. From flamboyant experiences during the Carnivale seasons to visiting countless churches and art galleries, including during my overnight field trip the Art History class required to complete a project for my Uni course. There is an episode of spending the Christmas morning with my two sons (out of three), watching the Mass at the Basillica San Marco and climbed up to the roof. Hardly no one was there in the San Marco Square, because of the news broadcasted the night before that the square was completely flooded due to the high tide and unable to walk around. Well, we stayed at a nearby hotel and found no water covered the ground!

Okay I must stop now. Finally, I wanted to thank Laura for her recent tutorship, having taught me some basic artistic theories and technique since I had no knowledge of. I need to work on some tasks whilst I can still remember what to do!! I may not be very disciplined after all…

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