Size 21 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41cm)

Sunday, 28 March 2021

My intention was to write daily if not weekly when I started writing blogs about my random creation of origami-collage art back in December 2020, yet I soon discovered that would not be the case. Of course milliard of excuses justify unattainability of initial ambition, it’s more sadness than any other emotions when I don’t get to sit down in front of the computer or in front of the table with scattered origami everywhere. The joy I experience confining myself in the world of creativity is inexplicable. Pretty much being in a zone? Tears overflow sometimes, feeling so at home and so ancient. The similar sensation I feel every time I watch Miyazaki’s Ghibli anime movies, especially ‘My neighbour Totoro (1988).’

Because my creation has no particular meanings, I thought about how Mr. Frankenstein would react midst of the battle of the North Wind and the Sun, one of the legendary fables by Aesop. As we all know in the end the Sun wins by wrapping around the traveller with warmth of the sun beam and resulting in persuading the traveller to take his coat off. That is a classic example of demonstrating the superiority of persuasion over force in dealing with human psyche. Unfortunately, this golden rule, so to speak, is so easily forgotten!! And we end up wasting time trying to reach consensus by implementing force instead, such as in this post Brexit world between EU and UK or trading businesses in US and China. As if we all have become Frankenstein (no offence to him) who is numb to the effect by the North Wind nor the Sun.

I am sure our parents (or guardians) have taught us putting ourselves in other people’s shoes as we were growing up. They were teaching us how to be empathetic to others. At times no idea what it entails us to do in real life, well thanks to the pandemic we are all in the same boat now, aren’t we? I just remembered, one of my friends had a brilliant idea to wish his sister’s happy birthday with a Cameo Celeb video as a surprise gift. In it, this very well known actor (I got to see a sneak preview!) kept banging on about ‘Science and Kindness’ are the keys to together surmount this crisis. I could not stop applauding – absolutely! Cheers to him!

Published by kibotoshori

I am a self-taught artist. Please read 'About Me' section in my website.

One thought on “No.10 – IL VENTO VS IL SOLE

  1. To be lost in ones creativity resonates, but whilst my art gets one shot, yours can move around the page with infinite possibilities animating your graphics. Here Frankenstein melts under the blaze, I feel his pain, truly!


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