SIZE 21 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41cm)

Saturday, 5 June 2021

I honestly don’t remember how I raised my three sons. It is either that because they were exceptionally well-behaved children I had experienced nothing but pleasure raising them or each day came and went with absolute chaos and tumult my brain experienced short circuit and lost its capacity to retain corrigible information. My unconditional love for them will never ever sway, and I thank them for choosing me as their mother to be born into this world. I know they say, ‘we had no choice, Ma.’ Yeah, yeah…

Since I started creating random pictures, I always wanted to express ‘unconditional love’ between a mother and a baby. So off I started. Whilst happily working my way to achieve the aim, somehow not heading to my desired direction, I realised. Actually, I was very surprised I succeeded to express ‘realism.’ By focusing on a baby’s face innocently perched on mother’s shoulder and vesting ‘unconditional trust’ in her, illustrates a sharp contrast of the back of the mother. Sorrow, pressure, anxiety, hopelessness, exhaustion… Who knows what may be going through her mind.

After all, mothers are human beings too. They (we) are not perfect. Quite often battling with the weight of responsibility as a mother who brought children into this world too. So mutual love and respect, wouldn’t that be important? Oh by the way, one of my dear friends, who is reading my blogs with her husband, (she says as if she is reading a Sunday newspaper column at the breakfast table), shared her interesting insight about this picture. She thought I was challenging people to view the mother figure is a female or a male.

Indeed, I did not create the person overly feminine, knowing many people would assume the person is a mother therefore a female because the person is holding a baby. Nevertheless, those days are behind us. Babies need a reciprocated love and affection – it is absurd to think there is a competition between maternal love and paternal love, isn’t it? Life is eternal, we meet each other due to a strong karmic bond so we should treasure each encounters in this lifetime.

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