No.37 – ALLORA?

No.37 – ALLORA?

SIZE 21 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41cm)

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Rubbing salt in the wounds – there are times we feel like we so had it enough and all we want is to wave a white flag. One ‘off-kilter’ thing after another. Just not happening. Just not working! And of course we have a series of good reasons why we deserve to give up. It is actually the perfect timing to come to a halt and try to bring out the remanence of hidden composure if we can manage. Instead of carrying on, just say ‘Allora?’ what now?

Being trapped in a vicious circle, I somehow know what is lacking in my life – a simple gratitude. My random idea, this time, led to me creating a red balloon in the air. I have developed my pictures (and blogs) with a pair of red wellies and a red toy wagon so far. And here it goes. This poor child inadvertently let go her red balloon and is now doing everything in her power to retrieve it. She’s got a brilliant creativity to jump off the trampoline and reach for her precious balloon despite using such a short broom.

Meantime, the trampoline legs start to go, lightening seems to be flashing in the sky, a swarm of bugs are drawn to the broom for whatever the reasons, and innocent spectators gather together to observe some kind of show they think amusing. At this point, the child must have had been full of grudges and resentments, blaming her broom for being too short, her trampoline for being too old and frail, weather forecast for failing to predict potential thunders, and those innocent bystanders for being indifferent to her ordeal.

In fact, her ordeal echoes my current challenging situations at work. Not only the salt but also garlic, mustard or any condiments are rubbing deeply in the wounds which sadly I have no control over. I don’t need a balloon. I don’t wanna be a drama queen. Just want to see things shift to a right direction! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. In Kanji, ‘tomorrow’ is written as ‘a bright day.’ We can all reset. Therefore, let’s not take anything for granted. We tend to moan at a milk man if no show even one day, but what about any other days milks being delivered?

Published by kibotoshori

I am a self-taught artist. Please read 'About Me' section in my website.

One thought on “No.37 – ALLORA?

  1. I love the way you can express your feelings through your art and your imagination holds no bounds. “Tomorrow is another day”.


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