SIZE 21 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41cm)

Sunday, 20 June 2021

Yes I am aware I am not supposed to cut origami in pieces. Colourful origami papers are there to be folded specifically into various shapes based on patterns without using scissors no matter how it gets complicated. And I can do that too. Every time I create my random art pieces, I do apologise to all the origami enthusiasts in the world for my rebellious actions. For this picture, I used 8 different colour origami units to create a pinwheel. Amongst many variations out there, these units are very very basic. Just to prove my capability, I used 30 units of these to create the giant origami kusudama below.

My eldest son gave me the huge coffee (or soup) mug he purchased at the San Francisco airport. Placing next to it, I think my kusudama is…big? Youtube tutorials are helpful and fun tools to get into folding origami patterns. Please google, Tomoko Fuse. She is amazing!! Back to my picture. Even breathing gently into the pinwheel, when the wheel sets in motion, generates wind. The wind may blast leaves away if they are in a close range. Whatever we do in life has consequences – the law of cause and effect.

A famous Japanese proverb which depicts this logic eloquently. In short, when the wind blows, the bucket makers profit. The Edo period story goes like this. When the strong wind blows, dusts go into people’s eyes and ruin their eye sights. People who became blind as a consequence take on the job as Shamisen (Japanese string instruments) players. A shamisen body is made with cats’ skin and many cats are killed for the purpose. Mice rejoice now the threats are gone and start biting buckets and destroy . Hence, bucket makers become busy.

A tad bit stretching arriving to the conclusion? Nonetheless, I love the logic very much as a comedy. I think it is similar to the butterfly effect? Being sensible and responsible to own actions require some efforts which I am not too keen on reflecting myself for the subject. Next time, though, if I ever feel like opening my mouth to let some smart remarks out or writing quite sarcastic responses to someone (I dare not to divulge who they are) via emails, I shall reflect on my behavior before I end up contributing to the bucket makers’ wealth.

Published by kibotoshori

I am a self-taught artist. Please read 'About Me' section in my website.

8 thoughts on “No.18 – UNA CONSEGUENZA

  1. When the trail of cause effect cause effect … is a long one, we think we know from whence the wind blows, but do we … In your art what is the cause that forms the effects in rebellious art? The art or the idea like the chicken or the egg?


    1. Thank you for your comment, Melanie. My rebellious act is using scissors with origami in general. I am not following the main stream discipline that is what I mean. But I enjoy my creativity.


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