No.3 – BASTA!

No.3 – BASTA!

SIZE 21 inch x 16 inch (51cm x 41cm)

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

In my profile of this website, ‘a bit about me’ I shared the episode how the image of a big bad wolf began occupying my mind and trying so hard to convince me to create ‘him.’ Don’t mean to sound ungratified. Actually, I am very indebted to Mr. Wolf for having emerged into my head and tested my bravery. To create something. A challenge I have never dreamt of taking on because I decided early on in my life I don’t mix with creativity. Those special people out there, so artistically talented, gifted, extremely fortunate, are allowed to be creative.

Looking back, I realise the reason why I was miserably conscious about my inability to be creative was due to my upbringing. I knew exactly how I make my mum proud. Praises and recognitions about me from neighbours, relatives, and basically everyone in the world. Hence, the thought of being judged by others is a big deal and somehow it has shaped a vulnerable foundation in my psyche. It affected me a great deal. One of the Buddhist principles teach us not to be swayed by Eight Winds, namely – prosperity, honour, praise, pleasure, decline, disgrace, censure, suffering. Yep, not easy but this is important.

I must say I am happy what I do now. I create random art pictures and write nonchalant blogs about whatever the wisdom tells me. I am free because I can finally follow my heart. My first blog in this website was entitled ‘Can you find Mr. Wolf?’ with a chaotic picture hiding a big bad wolf in it. Originally, he was chasing a little red riding hood (not as his food), but since I made them rather huge I had to separate them. Consequently, the riding hood is appearing in this picture, fed up being chased and screaming ‘basta!’ to everything surrounding her. So you say, but I would like to continue my creation, if I may…Miss…

Published by kibotoshori

I am a self-taught artist. Please read 'About Me' section in my website.

6 thoughts on “No.3 – BASTA!

  1. I love your story and I love your collage. I see music in there and a running Miss and a rabbit. Those 8 winds can be pretty persistent but they are only wind after all. I am glad Miss is giving you permission to follow your joy, found in creating beautiful artwork and sharing your wisdom with others.

    FYI: I’ve been working on collage postcards for an annual POetry POstcard festival that starts fairly soon. The last day to register for it is July 18. This might be something you would be interested in?


  2. Fabulous! So unique, fun, and heartwarming. It’s good to hear the Little Red Riding Hood is standing up for herself.


  3. Oh those “basta” moments. We for sure need those very big boots at those times. It’s good to see the red fog diluted with orange, yellow, black and green. Moments pass.


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