About Me….

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Who I Am..

My name is kibotoshori (Sanae). I would like to call myself a wanna-be self-taught artist. I grew up thinking I have no artistic talent to express myself and never ever dared to create anything artistic in my life. I still don’t believe I do. However, recently I had a strong urge in my head to create a ‘Big Bad Wolf’ from the ‘Red Riding Hood’ by cutting origami into pieces and collating together on the paper – very simple, inexpensive way to create something. And I could visualise what exactly I needed to do. Since then, I have been creating some random, abstract art pieces dwelling in my head. If I can make someone smile (or frown) looking at my pictures one day, it will be a job well done for me.

What I Do..

I teach Japanese Language to private students. I translate English to Japanese and vice versa. I speak Italian fluently. I practice Buddhism.

What I Love About..

To visit Art Museums. From Raffaello’s ‘La Madonna del Cardelliono’ (1516) at the ‘Galleria Uffizi’ in Firenze, Italy to Klimts’ Beethoven Frieze (1902) at the ‘Secession’ in Wien, Austria, it is truly priceless to having travelled and encountered Masterpieces in this lifetime. To watch Ballet, Opera, West End Musicals, etc…To watch Films, especially Classics and foreign productions. To listen to all genre of Music. To TRAVEL!

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